TT2 Devlog #28 - Patch v2.11 Patch Notes - Blog picture

TT2 Devlog #28 - Patch v2.11 Patch Notes

TT2 Devlog #28 - Patch v2.11 Patch Notes - Blog picture

Hey Sword Masters!

Our Halloween update is here! 

This ended up being a smaller update as most of our resources are focused on our major clan overhaul right now; stay-tuned for more update details as we'll be unveiling everything we're doing very soon in a live Twitch question and answer session!

Also, we'll be dropping two different Halloween equipment sets this update. First, we've made a new Scarecrow Jack equipment set that will consist of Halloween equipment from last year, so now's your chance to grab it if you missed it last time! Afterwards, we'll begin dropping a brand new event equipment set starting the first week of November.


  • Reach stage 35k in this special spooky Halloween update!
  • Hero Ascension level 2 is here; make your heroes stronger than ever!
  • Share your skill tree builds with your clan mates directly in the clan chat!
  • UI DPS display improvements: See the damage of your slash bonus type on the main screen!
  • 2 New equipment sets, including the new Scarecrow Jack set!
  • 2 New artifacts: active skill and artifact related damage boosts!


Equipment Sets:
  • [Legendary] Titan Attack: x3 Fundamental Damage and -10% active Titan spawn time.
  • [Event] Scarecrow Jack: x10 Shadow Clone Damage.


  • Damage per Active Skill: Increase your damage for each running active skill (capped at 4 active skills).
  • Damage per Owned Artifact: Increase your damage for each artifact you own (salvaged artifacts don't count).


  • Pet splash skip is now twice as strong for Lightning Burst attacks.
  • Clan ship splash skip is now twice as strong against stunned Titans.
  • Flash Zip now requires 3 taps instead of 5 before triggering the final attack.
  • Active skills now all have a 20s cooldown (other than Heavenly Strike).
  • Fairy gold was given a slight boost.


  • Additional improvements to our tournament matching system.
  • Email backed accounts can no longer also link to Facebook.
  • Equipment collection would sometimes auto-salvage stronger equipment instead of weaker equipment.
  • Active skill rewards from fairies no longer display the timer duration in the fairy reward bar message.
  • Welcome back panel messages were sometimes incorrect during an active tournament.
  • Player names now correctly saved when importing progress.
  • Several avatars were missing descriptions.



Tap On! ⚔