TT2 Devlog #29 v2.11.2 Update + First Details On... v3.0 - Blog picture

TT2 Devlog #29 v2.11.2 Update + First Details On... v3.0

TT2 Devlog #29 v2.11.2 Update + First Details On... v3.0 - Blog picture
Salutations, Sword Masters. 

Happy November!

Enjoy this peaceful time and prepare yourself. The Titan Lords are evolving and you will need the help of your loyal clanmates to take them on. You've pushed hard enough, grown strong enough, forged Clans mighty enough. It's time to take the fight back to the Titans. You've completed many Clan Quests but get ready... For Clan Raids.

Tune in on Friday, November 16th for a Live Q+A Stream on v3.0!

There will be an in-game announcement next week when the time is finalized for the stream. 

But first! Some information on what to expect next while we work on v3.0!

Patch v2.11.2 - Releasing soon! 

Some important fixes on the way with v2.11.2

  • Tactical Insight bug solved
  • Ascension fixes and Balance improvement
  • Equipment related fixes
  • Shadow Clone snapshot with Doom active solved
  • 6 Digit Clan Codes now searchable
Festive Feelings with the Winter Themed Update

Get warm and cozy with another small update early next month. The final content update before 3.0!

Early v3.0 Preview

  • Complete Clan Quest overhaul. Introducing, Clan Raids
  • Titan Lords have evolved into distinct types, each with their own properties and weaknesses. 
  • Brand new skill system specific to Clan Raids (Not just another skill tree. Whole new system!) 
  • Start organizing the clan because teamwork and coordination will be more important. And make and sure everybody is ready for the challenges because decisions will matter! 
  • Get ready to accomplish great things and reap the benefits with new rewards and new progression systems! 
  • And so much more...

Check out the Live Q+A next week (November 16th) to get even more details about what to expect in Tap Titans 2 v3.0



Tap On! ⚔