TT2 Devlog #30 - v2.12 Patch Notes - Blog picture

TT2 Devlog #30 - v2.12 Patch Notes

TT2 Devlog #30 - v2.12 Patch Notes - Blog picture
Season's Greetings, Sword Masters.
What's this? A gift? From your heroes? A mask from Nohni? You shouldn't have! 
And also, a gift from us: We've got our special Winter Update ready for you! 
This time we're adding more stages, new Mythic equipment, and some new Artifacts that are really worth discovering. 

So grab a place close to the fire, snuggle in, and get ready to find out what to expect in Tap Titans 2 v2.12
  • Winter is here! And so is the strongest push yet: all the way to stage 42k! 
  • 2 New equipment sets: including the new Mechanized Sword mythic set! 
  • 5 New artifacts: each new bonus is themed around one of your heroes! 
  • Memory optimizations during clan quests! 
Equipment Sets:
  • [Mythic] Mechanized Sword: x0.8 passive skill costs, x2 all damage per mythic set, x1.5 relics earned.
  • [Legendary] Anniversary Platinum: x8 companion damage, x1.1 all splash skip.
  • Sword of the Royals: Gives a sword equipment boost and increases melee hero damage.
  • Spearit's Vigil: Gives a helmet equipment boost and increases flying hero damage.
  • The Cobalt Plate: Gives an armor equipment boost and increases ground hero damage.
  • Sigils of Judgement: Gives an aura equipment boost and increases spell hero damage.
  • Foliage of the Keeper: Gives a slash equipment boost and increases ranged hero damage.
  • Memory usage has been decreased by up to 10% during clan quests. 



Tap On! ⚔