TT2 Devlog #31 - Patch v2.12.1 Patch Notes - Blog picture

TT2 Devlog #31 - Patch v2.12.1 Patch Notes

TT2 Devlog #31 - Patch v2.12.1 Patch Notes - Blog picture
A final patch for 2018. 

A little patch, all things considered. It is, after all, 2.12.1, an iteration and improvement on the latest big content patch. 

This little patch has some great balance and bug fixes though! And a raised stage cap... AND AUTO UPGRADE ALL HEROES AFTER PRESTIGE
That's right, Swordmasters! Hit the ground running after a prestige and watch your Heroes arrive and power up, ready to take on the Titans!


Here's the details on what 2.12.1 has in store:
  • Celebrate the end of the year by fighting your way up to a new, HIGHEST STAGE EVER, Stage 50k. Who will be the first to reach it? 
  • Auto Upgrade All Heroes After Prestige: Unlock this feature (FOR FREE!) by reaching stage 10k! 
  • Titan HP scaling has been increased starting on stage 42k
  • Starting gold after each prestige has been greatly increased
  • Fixed loading screen crash for accounts with save files from version 2.10.3 and older
  • Fixed an issue where bundles could show the wrong price and reward incorrect items.
  • Sophia and Nohni themed artifacts had visuals and text swapped
  • Removed the Gold Per Active Skill bonus from affecting starting gold
  • Increased max limit for letter notation


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