TT2 Devlog #32 -- Roadmap Ahead

Here's some insight from the Tap Titans 2 Lead Designer: 

Hey All!


It’s been a while since we’ve checked in with everyone about what we’re working on and what our roadmap is over the coming months, so we wanted to take this opportunity to share several of these things with you.


Upcoming Patch, v2.12.2:

We have another quick update in the works that will address a few of the issues and concerns that have been raised by the community as of late. For starters, we will be slightly reducing the Titan HP scaling changes that were made at stage 42k, and we will be adding new splash skip options to help control the Titan count issues a bit better.

Titan HP Scaling: As for the Titan HP scaling issue, we feel as though the recent scaling increase ended up being a bit stronger than we intended, based on the feedback we’ve received and data we’ve analyzed. On this point though, we wanted to comment that Titan HP does need to be properly controlled and tweaked as the max stage increases, as otherwise the balance of other systems will either break or grow uncontrolled. In the future (v3.0), we plan on making the HP scaling much smoother from lower to higher stages, as opposed to the sudden jumps it takes now.

Splash Skip Scaling: Increasing Titan counts have also become more of a concern with our recent updates, so this is another system that we have been working on improving. For the time being, we’ll be adding a new passive skill in v2.12.2 that gives Sorcerer splash skip (both Heavenly Strike and Shadow Clone splash skip) via tournament points. We’re going to balance the strength of this new passive skill a bit more conservatively, but we plan on increasing the strength of all passive splash skip skills in the big v3.0.

Performance Optimizations: We worked on some major performance optimizations during our holiday break which will give a noticeable bump to framerates on older devices and battery life on newer devices. Moreover, these changes also improved our ability to simulate and test various systems internally, which includes cheater detection improvements, so we are excited to share these optimizations with all of you.


Planned Balance Changes in v3.0:

As we move closer towards completing our major clan quest overhaul, we wanted to share several of the major balance changes that are planned for this update. Before getting into any of these details though, we wanted to let everyone know that our goal of any changes made is to balance out existing systems while keeping the vast majority of players at or above their current stage progress; it is not our intention to take away progression that has been earned so far. That being said, brand-new accounts in top clans will likely lose progress due to the removal of the clan quest damage bonus, but we believe this is fair as brand-new accounts aren’t meant to be in the strongest clans.

As for some brief specifics, we plan on greatly increasing the strength of pet improvement bonuses (those damage multiplier gains that occur every 50 pet levels past pet level 100). Moveover, we will be increasing the importance of equipment, as well as how each of the different equipment bonuses scale with respect to one another. Artifact scaling will be cleaned up as well, as the gap between stronger and weaker artifacts grows rapidly at higher stages. While we will still aim to have different tiers of artifacts, we want smooth out the gap between the weakest and strongest artifacts so that balance and progression is more consistent.

Beyond these things, we have many more tweaks in mind, including gold costs of hero unlocks and ascensions, Titan HP scaling, crafting level strength, skill tree upgrade scaling, and so on. Again, the goal with these tweaks is to clean up and improve the balance, flow, and importance of various systems within the game, in addition to compensating for the removal of the clan quest damage bonus.


Status of v3.0:

Although this update has taken us a bit longer than initially anticipated, we just wanted to let you all know that we have been working hard on getting everything finished and ready with this update. While the main features of this update have remain largely unchanged since our last Twitch stream, we’ve been spending a lot of time on reworking and tweaking some of the finer details of how everything comes together, because we intend to release nothing short of a great update. Most importantly though, we need to make sure that everything we have been working on is both fun and enjoyable, because at the end of the day, our goal is to deliver a feature that our players will love. For this reason alone, we are still not able to provide an exact date as to when v3.0 beta testing will start, but we are hoping to start very soon and we'll let everyone know more details about the beta when we reach that point.


Roadmap Beyond v3.0:

Although our focus has been mostly aimed at clan interactions recently, we still have many other ideas floating around in the office and we wanted to share a few of these things here as well.

Inactive Gameplay: Inactive progression via the Silent March skill has lost value over a few of the recent updates, so this is one of the systems that we want to improve after the release of v3.0. In particular, our aim is to fix the balancing issues between both inactive and active gold and damage sources, as well as the speed of inactive stage progression.

Artifacts: With a total of 90 artifacts currently in the game, we feel that the pool of available artifacts has reached a saturation point, as most new artifacts moving forward would have to become increasingly complex in order to stand out against existing artifacts. This basically means that we don’t plan on releasing all that many new artifacts this year. That being said though, we do want to extend and add depth to the artifact system for late game players, so this is another system that we will look into more over the coming year.

Pets: The pet system is another thing that has been on our minds for a while, as we feel that much could be done here to make pets more meaningful, especially for late game players (this includes the possible addition of new pets).

VIP System: The VIP system has been tossed around a few times, and while we don’t have anything finalized for such a system at this point, it’s still something we really want to introduce this year.

New Mechanics: There are many other interesting ideas we are considering, including several potential expansions to our upcoming clan quest overhaul. While we don’t want to get into any additional specifics at this time, we just wanted to let everyone know that many different things are being worked on, regardless of whether or not they have been explicitly listed in this post.


Community Feedback:

Finally, we just wanted to say that we really appreciate all the creative ideas that everyone posts both on our Subreddit and in our Discord channel. Even though we can’t regularly respond to each and every post or comment made, we do make a big effort to stay in touch with what our community has to say.


Tap On! ⚔