TT2 Devlog #34 - Clan Raid Testing

Salutations, Titan Tappers. We've been working hard here and Patch 3.0 is coming along really well!

We have started a very limited test of Clan Raids with a group of players. We will provide more details about 3.0 once they are ready to be revealed! 

Please note that this is not a Beta announcement. Once we have a few things polished up we will announce the Beta and how to participate. 

Keep an eye on Discord and Reddit for announcements regarding Beta! 

In the meantime, we've found a few small bugs in 2.12.2 that we're working on solving: 

  • Certain stage backgrounds have some visual glitches
  • Coordinated Offensive Anchoring Shot stun not working properly
  • Occasionally, hero upgrade cost not displaying correct numbers
  • Game crashes on devices running Android 9 Pie

We should have solutions for these bugs soon! Thanks for your patience! 


Tap On! ⚔