TT2 Devlog #44: Framework updates are a lot of work but they're worth it!  - Blog picture

TT2 Devlog #44: Framework updates are a lot of work but they're worth it!

TT2 Devlog #44: Framework updates are a lot of work but they're worth it!  - Blog picture
Hey everyone! 

Before we get started, check out this video ( to watch a timelapse of the art for the two new Raid Cards in patch 3.2! 

Game Hive has been working hard on getting TT2 updated in some big ways! This means lots of testing to make sure everything is working well and smooth, so that we can start leveraging the new framework to make things better for future updates! 

So what does this mean for the game? 
Well, right away, this will mean a lot of little bugs and oddities have been resolved! 
And what does it mean for future patches?
It means that lots of new things (features, and content and such!) will be possible for future updates. 
New support system!
Along with this we'll also be switching to a new Support System. With the upcoming patch, clicking "Support" will let you compose a message to start direct-messaging with our support team. With this system, we provide faster and more effective IN GAME support! 

Plus, we'll have an in-game FAQ available through the options panel, so you can find answers to common questions like "How can I make sure my account is backed up", "How much equipment can I farm in a day?" or "What's a 'teapot'?" 
New content!
But this internal stuff isn't all we've been working on! 

There's some new content coming! 

Patch 3.2 will bring the Artifact Enchantment system to the game. Once you have every artifact, the button to discover an artifact will instead enchant one of the artifacts in your inventory. An enchanted Artifact gets a big boost to its effectiveness! 

And we've got some really great news: your first artifact enchantment is GUARANTEED to be Book Of Shadows. So collect all the artifacts and start enchanting to power up your BoS! 

The patch will initially bring enchanted forms to only certain artifacts. Enchantment will become available for other artifacts in the future. 

We also have two new Raid Cards that will be available with the patch. We'll have more details on the Raid Cards in the devlog when the patch is coming out. 

One of the big goals with these updates is to make it possible to offer more frequent and regular updates. So get ready for a smooth flow of updates and improvements in the future! 

Thanks for reading along, and thanks for your patience while we get everything ready. 


Tap On! ⚔