TT2 Devlog #50: 3.3 Preview! - Blog picture

TT2 Devlog #50: 3.3 Preview!

TT2 Devlog #50: 3.3 Preview! - Blog picture
3.3 Preview
Here are some some of things you can look forward to seeing in the upcoming 3.3 update!
  • Top clans can start getting ready for their next challenge because Tier 3 raids will be available in the next update!
  • Area Effects/Enemy Effects will be introduced in Tier 3 raids. You'll have a few extra factors to consider when planning your attacks! Here's an idea of what this will look like.

You will be granted a wide range of effects like the "Surge of Power" effect which increases your Burst Damage or the "Mystic Shout" effect that increases your chance to inflict afflictions.

There are even effects that increase your damage to specific parts of the titan's body! But the enemies also have some tricks up their sleeves! They may have the "Runic Armor" effect which reduces the damage from afflictions or The "Hardened Bones" effect which decreases all damage done to limbs!

In addition to these features, HP will be reduced in Tier 1 raids to give lower level clans a better chance of advancing!

We'll reveal some more exciting stuff about 3.3 as we get closer to the update!

If you watch it, you'll notice we have something new on the way for your profile! This background and others will be unlocked with a feature that we're working on. If you really want some sweet new art, you're going to have to earn it!
To see some more artwork being created live, tune into the next livestream that will be taking place on Saturday at around 10am EDT here! Again, it's in support of the Extra Life charity! 
The TT2 community has many incredibly useful fanmade resources. One great example is this Builds & Contributions Compendium! There's plenty of valuable information here, so if you're interested in gaining some in depth knowledge about the game and how to optimize your builds, check it out. Thank you to DreamXZE for putting the site together, and thank you to all of the contributors, including George, Cap'n Tinker, Kwimbob, Taco, Norse, Velina, and Mmlh!
Voodoo Revenge
Here's another cool entry from the raid card contest! This one was submitted by YovyPF6 on Reddit!
National Video Games Day
In honour of National Video Games Day which was on September 12th, we asked our Facebook and Twitter followers what the best game they played this year is and what game they played the most as a child. The number one choice for current games was Borderlands 3 (even though it wasn't out yet at the time of the poll lol) and Tap Titans (<3). Out of the games that our followers dedicated their early years to, the titles that came up most often were Runescape, Pokemon Gold and Silver, Zelda games, Heroes of Might and Magic 3, and Final Fantasy 7 - 10. Let us know your answers!
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