TT2 Devlog #51: More 3.3 info! - Blog picture

TT2 Devlog #51: More 3.3 info!

TT2 Devlog #51: More 3.3 info! - Blog picture
Hey, everyone!
The release of 3.3 is quickly approaching so, as promised, we have some more information for you about the update! Here are some new things that you can expect!
A Milestone is a series of objectives that give you rewards upon completion! You'll be faced with challenges like reaching a certain stage, or collecting a specific amount of equipment or skill points. Once you complete the task, you'll receive one of a wide variety of potential rewards including gold, diamonds, equipment, shards, dust, and more! You'll be able to see what the rewards are for the milestone that's in progress, and you'll receive the next milestone as soon as you complete your current one!
Profile Backgrounds
Other potential rewards for milestone completion are profile backgrounds! In case you missed it, here's a timelapse video of one of the profile backgrounds being created. You'll be able to unlock new backgrounds for your profile's player and raid stats panels. There are a few to collect for each panel, so you'll get a lot of cool new art for your account as you complete your milestones!
Auto Leader Demotion
Clan leaders who are inactive for 30 days will now be automatically demoted. The new leader is chosen based on their rank, and if there are multiple players at the same rank, the new leader will be the one with the highest weekly ticket count.
Stage Cap
The stage cap will be raised to 80k!
We'll have the full patch notes for you with all of the fixes when the update's live!
Finally, let's talk about raid damage logs. Many members of the community have been requesting more detailed information about how their clanmates are attacking Titan Lords. Specifically, Grand Masters want to be able to see what parts of the titan each clan member attacked. We're currently looking into how exactly we can pass that information on to you. We'll give you an update on this when we have a better idea of how it will work and when it will be implemented. Thank you to everyone who gave us this suggestion!
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