TT2 Devlog #52: V3.3 Coming this Tuesday! - Blog picture

TT2 Devlog #52: V3.3 Coming this Tuesday!

TT2 Devlog #52: V3.3 Coming this Tuesday! - Blog picture
What's up Tappers!
We've been teasing the release of 3.3 and now the wait's almost over! The patch will be here on Tuesday, October 1st! There will be maintenance at around 10am (EDT). The servers will be down for 3-4 hours.
Last week, we introduced milestones and a few players had questions. We can clear them up now!
Gold is only going to be a rewarded for the first few milestones, so don't worry about that being a prize later on!
Milestone objectives that involve reaching a certain max stage that you've already passed will be automatically completed.
Milestone objectives that require you to collect something will not be retroactive.

If you have any other questions, let us know!

More Features!

  • The next artifact enchantment will be unlocked! You'll be able to enchant the "Sigils of Judgement" artifact!
  • 2 new equipment sets will be available, the "Combo Breaker" event set and "Celestial Enchanter" legendary set!
  • Player and Raid Profile Backgrounds will be introduced as Milestone rewards! (There's another sneak peak in the banner!)
  • Tier 3 raids with raid area and enemy effects!
  • You'll have the ability to reset your password in-game!
  • The Raid Card maximum level will be increased to level 13.
  • We made some changes to Tier 1 Raid balance to make it easier for lower level clans to progress.
  • The Titan Lord kill pattern has been fixed!
  • Automatic inactive clan leader demotion.

You can read more details about some of these features in last week's update!

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