TT2 Devlog #54: V3.3.1 Patch Notes! - Blog picture

TT2 Devlog #54: V3.3.1 Patch Notes!

TT2 Devlog #54: V3.3.1 Patch Notes! - Blog picture
Hey Tappers! We had a small update for you and here are the changes!
Clan Chat
Judging by the reactions that we got from a lot of you, we accidentally created a prequel to Jason Momoa's new show when we changed the chat colours. We reverted the change, so what's left of your retinas will have a break. 
Here are a couple of the best responses to the original change:
Tier 3 Raid Effects
Tier 3 raids were added earlier this week, and with them, area and enemy effects were introduced. We've now added randomization to the process! Previously, each zone had specific effects that were the same for every clan. Now, whenever your clan starts a tier 3 raid, you will receive random area and enemy effects. Your experience likely won't be exactly the same as that of the clans who cleared a zone before you, so you'll need to adjust your strategy accordingly! 
Other changes and fixes:
  • We received reports that Lemmy's HP was lower than normal after the last update, so we gave his HP a boost. He's looking healthy again!
  • Clicking on the "Clan Info" button opens the member tab first.
  • Improved fairy ad load reliability.

Do you have any other feedback about this week's updates? Let us know!


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