TT2 Devlog #55: V3.4 Preview! - Blog picture

TT2 Devlog #55: V3.4 Preview!

TT2 Devlog #55: V3.4 Preview! - Blog picture
Hey Sword Masters, 
It's almost time for the 3.4 patch! We have a bunch of cool things on the way for you, but before we get into the preview, here's a cool timelapse video of the Temple profile background being created!
Hallow's Eve is here!
This should come as no surprise to anyone who's read the Book of Prophecy (maybe if you weren't so obsessed with the Book of Shadows you'd be up to date), but there will soon be a time when restless evil souls will once again roam amongst the living! In order to prevent these evil souls from wreaking havoc throughout the land, it will be up to you to collect them and send them back to where they belong! You'll be able to collect evil souls from chests, tournaments, raids, diamond fairies, daily rewards, and daily achievements. The more souls you capture, the more epic rewards you'll earn! 
Raid Logs and a New Leaderboard
We're implementing one of our most requested features. Raid logs that are exported via the "copy to clipboard" button will now list how much damage was done to each part! GMs can use this additional information to help optimize their clans' performance just in time for the addition of our new Clan Leaderboard! This new leaderboard will track the last 30 days of raids for each clan and rank the top clans based on this window of time. It can be difficult to climb the all-time leaderboard, especially as a newer clan, but it will be much easier for active clans to rise with the new leaderboard! (Note: the 30-day leaderboard will not be replacing the all-time leaderboard.)
Additional Features
  • We're adding some more information to the artifact info panel. It will now show invested relics/salvage value, lifetime relics invested, and disenchantment cost!
  • "Titania's Sceptre" artifact enchantment!
  • 2 new equipment sets: "Bone Mender" legendary set and "Grim Reaper" event set!
  • Stage cap increase to 84k!
We'll post the full patch notes once the update is live!
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