TT2 Devlog #58: V3.6 Preview! - Blog picture

TT2 Devlog #58: V3.6 Preview!

TT2 Devlog #58: V3.6 Preview! - Blog picture
Hey, Tappers!
The Holiday Season has arrived and we have some exciting new developments on the way! The 3.6 update will be here on Tuesday December 17th! There will be server maintenance at 3pm UTC for about 3 hours, and then you'll be able to enjoy the update! Here's what you can look forward to!
Holiday Event
To celebrate the season, we will be having an event called Winterfest! In this event you'll collect ornaments by completing tasks like collecting fairies, participating in tournaments, opening chests, prestiging, and more! As you collect ornaments, you'll progress through the Winterfest path and collect a bunch of rewards along the way. These rewards include diamonds, pet eggs, hero weapons, shards, and an exclusive Winterfest equipment set! Note: daily achievements award ornaments, so you should wait until after the update on the 17th to collect those! 
Once you reach the end of the path, you'll light up the Winterfest Tree, but the fun doesn't end there! You'll still have the opportunity to get bonus prizes. As you continue to collect ornaments, you'll earn dust and have the opportunity to get an exclusive event avatar! You will be able to collect bonus prizes that you earn once the event ends.
Also, collecting ornaments isn't just about you in this event! Your clan is a part of the Winterfest challenge too! If you and your clanmates collectively gather enough ornaments, you'll all receive a cool new profile background! So, don't leave all of these rewards lying in the snow. Make sure you collect as many ornaments as you can for yourself and your clan! 
Equipment Sets
Today (Dec 13th) is the 3 year anniversary of the global release of Tap Titans 2! To celebrate this, we are adding another to the family of the anniversary gold and anniversary platinum sets! 
It's called the Anniversary Diamond Set and it gives you:
  • x2 Bonus Damage for every Legendary set owned.
  • +0.1% Bonus Gold for every Sword Master Level.
The event set that you can earn through the even is called the 'Jack Frost' set and it gives you x10 All Hero Damage!

Q & A
Here are the responses to some of the best questions that we received this week! 
By SaltyAsPoof#6846 - Any thoughts on adding more special titans at some point? Perhaps the pile of salt Titan that sets you back 100 stages when killed or kills a hero for 30 minutes when killed?
  •  The Salt Titan seems like a really solid idea! TLDR: Yes we will adding more special titans in the future!
By EmanDrawkcab#2679 - Are there any plans to balance raids in terms of buffs/debuffs? Some debuffs can be painful such as 80% burst chance and some buffs aren't particularly useful such as +1 affliction max stack.
  • Different buffs and debuffs are exactly that, different, and that is okay. Just because a buff or debuff isn’t that useful now, doesn’t mean it won’t be useful in the future. We will be doing more Raid stuff later down the road for sure, but we’ve got our sights set on a few other things before we fully revisit the raid tuning / content.
By Frosty#1911 - Is totem of power ever going to be fixed? Still have the day 1 bug where you can swipe straight through a fairy without activating it, and the AOE can be covering 50% of the target part and still not give the buff.
  • We’ve received a few reports of this problem with the Fairy Totem skill and have it on our list of investigations moving forwards.
By Bacon#9748 - When trying to maximize raid damage, attacking near dead titan parts are discouraged because about .5-1 second of hits are wasted trying to react to the part dying to move to another alive titan part. Do you think it would be possible to add a small time (like .5-1 second) to a raid attack if a titan part dies during your attack to make up for those lost hits? 
  • While it’s an interesting suggestion, it isn’t something that we’ll be looking at directly as on average it takes much less than 1 second to react to a part break and continue your DPS elsewhere.
By ʎppɐᗡ#4006 - Are there any plans on clan administration system? I think it would be great if GM/M have another clan chat, Change Log, Custom Roles, Reason when GM/M Kick/Demote, Raid requirements like we have now with Stage Requirement and stuff like that..?
  • Anything that makes clan leadership / management easier to do is always a great suggestion.  While a clan overhaul isn’t on our radar currently, the suggestion has been noted for potential future QoL changes to core systems.
By Frosty#1911 - When is the christmas update coming out? Is it going to be super late like halloween?
  • It’ll be out on the 17th! Wow, that's this Tuesday!
Here are a few questions that were for the whole team!
By Kadragon#0859 - If you have had an all expenses paid trip to anywhere in the world, where would you go?
By TheFear#1184 - To everyone on the team. What is your favorite programming language to work with and is there a specific reason?
By Wynk#7209 - How do you guys usually spend your weekends?
DiscordName: Felkin
Trip: Australia, being able to visit my family there would be fun.
Fav Language: C# simply because it's what I'm most comfortable with.
Weekend: Games and Streaming! 
DiscordName: Mediocriteez
Trip: Skiing in Japan
Fav Language: English (what was the question again?)
Weekend: Hikes and Gaming
DiscordName: kelgomes
Trip: Japan
Fav Language: Photoshop! (because I am not a dev)
Weekend: Netflix and hanging out with friends
DiscordName: FlyingMoustache
Trip: Either Germany+Austria or Norway+Sweden+Finland
Fav Language: Probably C#. The stuff Unity is trying to do with "high performance C#" looks super promising and cool (go read that one blog post by Lucas Meijer).
Weekend: Sleep, video games and side projects.
Trip: Japan for food and anime stuff
Fav Language: C# because I've forgotten how to use other languages
Weekend: Video games and watching Twitch streams
DiscordName: Geoff-GH
Trip: South Korea, Seoul
Fav Language: C#
Weekend: cooking elaborate breakfasts, Playing VGs, walking the doggo, MTG, not cleaning up elaborate kitchen messes.
DiscordName: ryan-gh
Trip: Japan, China, Taiwan
Fav Language: C# cause it’s nice
Weekend: Video games and watching shows
DiscordName: Anomalous Amorphous Cloud of Things
Trip: Germany, Singapore, Japan, New Zealand, Iceland, or Switzerland
Fav Language: Python. Because it's quick to get going
Weekend: chillin like a villain, looking for stuff to do


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