TT2 Devlog #59: 3.7 Preview! - Blog picture

TT2 Devlog #59: 3.7 Preview!

TT2 Devlog #59: 3.7 Preview! - Blog picture
Hey Tappers,
Our next update will be here soon (Feb 11th), and here are some of the things that you can look forward to:
To celebrate Valentine's Day, we will be having an event! Akin to our Hallow's Eve and Winterfest events, you will progress down a path by completing tasks like prestiging, doing daily achievements, participating in tournaments, and performing raid attacks. The more you progress, the more rewards you'll be able to collect. In the Valentine's spirit of togetherness, there will be a team element to this event as well. If your clan does well collectively, everyone in the clan will receive a special reward!
With our 3.7 update, we’ve put a large emphasis on the new player experience. It’s been a long time since we’ve set our sights on the early stages of the game and it’s been in need of some love. Our goal with this specific update was to make streamlined improvements to the early game, allowing new players to have a more enjoyable experience and progress further, in turn leading to more players in tournament brackets, more players joining up with clans, etc. While this doesn't directly impact mid to late game players immediately, this patch contains changes for the long term health of TT2. With more players progressing further into the game, we'll be able to have much tighter tournament brackets, helping to create more fun and fair competition. This also applies to clans: we all know getting fresh clan members can be a bit of a pain, so by expanding the player base, all clans will benefit from having more players looking to join and work their way up the ladder! We’ve also made some tweaks to the way prestiges work and created a full blown new player tutorial that’s much easier to navigate than it was before, which is very helpful for introducing the core features of the game. The early game wasn’t the only focus of 3.7 though! For players later on in Tap Titans 2 we’ve also put out some content for you:
  • Stage cap will increase to 92k.
  • A new Artifact Enchantment for Heavenly Sword.
  • Two new equipment sets, plus the return of the Heartbreaker event set.
  • Numerous quality of life improvements / bug fixes
There are more changes for end-game players which we’ll go into greater detail about next week. Tier 3 balance tweaks and some changes to the way Fairy Totem works to reduce the amount of re-rolls required!
We’ve been working on 3.7 and 3.8 in tandem and while 3.7 was mostly changes oriented towards new players and the early game, 3.8 will include some pretty awesome features for all you mid to late game players that we can’t wait to tell you about once they get fully nailed down and polished out!
Thank you to pastypav for the artwork!
That's all for this week!
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