TT2 DevLog #9: More Balancing! ⚔ - Blog picture

TT2 DevLog #9: More Balancing! ⚔

TT2 DevLog #9: More Balancing! ⚔ - Blog picture

Originally published on the official Tap Titans 2 subreddit

We’ve just heard the good news! Update 1.8.0 has been submitted to the Play and App stores -- and will be live and ready for play as soon as it’s been reviewed and approved.

Here is what you can expect in 1.8.0

  • Shadow Clone will have a large buff as well as a new secondary effect: it will now gain the ability to trigger Mana Siphon and Lightning Strikes when these skills are unlocked and active. Each level of Shadow Clone will have an increased chance to trigger these effects per second. Additionally, Shadow Clone DPS has been increased by at least 2x for all levels, and the minimum mana cost has been increased to 4.
  • Mana Siphon has been fixed to be roughly 3x more effective now, and also includes a new visual feedback when the effect triggers.
  • War Cry will give larger bonuses, specifically related to heroes and clan ship damage; the bonus damage given to pets and other related skills will remain exactly the same as it is in v1.7.0. Additionally, the attack speed bonus given to heroes will strictly depend on the level of War Cry itself, so you will need to level it up to increase your hero attack rate!
  • Heroic Might redone! Each level of Heroic Might now selects a hero and increases its individual DPS by your total hero DPS. This means that each selected hero will be one of your strongest heroes for the duration of War Cry. For example, level 5 Heroic Might will randomly select 5 of your heroes to do maximum damage when War Cry is activated.
  • Ultra Heroes has new visuals, does increased damage, and now receives an additional bonus from War Cry. Additionally, each sequential orb bounce does increased damage, so increasing the number of bounces will also increase the maximum damage per bounce.
  • Make it Rain/Clan Crate Gold has been given a major boost! The amount of gold reward now takes into account your maximum prestige stage, which makes them very powerful to use immediately after prestiging. Additionally, clan crates specifically gives even more gold when used at your maximum prestige stage.

Bug Fixes and Balance Tweaks:

  • Fixed various crashes associated with Summon Clan Mate.
  • Each level of Multi Fairy now slightly decreases Fairy spawn times.
  • Clan Ship attacks now land more often and display damage amounts.
  • Sword Master DPS upgrade showing +0 display fix.
  • Equipment dropping one stage too early bug fix.
  • Fairy active skill reward durations have been increased from 10 to 30 seconds.
  • Fixed the bug where Fairy video rewards stopped appearing after a while.
  • Fairy reward messages now reset upon prestige.
  • Active skill values now properly update and the 0 mana cost display bug has been fixed.
  • Active skill timers now properly sync with the active skill buttons.
  • Clan quest tap damage visually appearing too large fix.

Additional Features / Improvements on Existing Features:

  • Various skill tree description improvements.
  • The first piece of equipment now drops at stage 15.
  • Bear Store chest purchase limit increased.
  • Added new early-game tutorial features and additional first-time prestige rewards.
  • Hero weapon panel UI improvements.
  • Additional low power mode optimizations.
  • Stage transition feature unlock changed from stage 2000 to 1000
  • Mana video fairies have been removed.
  • Mana potion perks can now be obtained from any type of perk reward.
  • Frenzy state has been removed from the Shadow Clone skill tree upgrade.


Over the past few months, we have been investigating the various tournament conflicts and errors players (e.g. Error 403). We understand that during the previous update, there was a widespread tournament access issue, which caused many to be unable to participate. This has been identified and should not occur again. Furthermore, the long-time rewards issue (i.e. receiving the wrong prizes, despite finishing at MS 4000) has been resolved with the current update.

But again, if you do experience any tournament problems, please contact support through the options panel in your game so we can help investigate!

Further Bugs Known

  • Clan Quest helpers contributing 0 damage bug.
  • Shop bundles showing connection errors and otherwise not working properly.