Warped: Tap Titans 2 V.2.6.0 Patch Notes

Warp complete!

It’s coming! Next week! It’s almost here -- the lovely V.2.6.0 Valentine’s update with sweet new features will be ready for you to play. Can you make it to stage 16K?

With this new update, we’ll be switching over from the tired holiday theme to a refreshing, cuter look!  The V.2.6.0 Valentine’s theme includes new limited time event equipment -- and along with this event equipment are these exciting new features:



  • Two new equipment sets! The Valentine's Heartbreaker set and a *new* Legendary Dragon Slayer set.
  • 21 new pieces of equipment along with new equipment Tap Damage sword bonus.

New Splash Skip Upgrades

Splash skip options have been added for Pet, Clan Ship, and Shadow Clone. Furthermore, the splash count display and corresponding gold drops now include bonus kills from splash skip!

  • Pets: based on total pet levels.
  • Clan Ship: based on clan quest level.
  • Shadow Clone: Available via Eternal Darkness.

Splash skip for attacks that don’t splash through bosses will just function as bonus splash kills.

Mystery Chest Removal

In V.2.6 we will have officially removed mystery chests from the game --- any remaining chest tokens have been converted in 25 diamonds each.

Additionally, chest tokens from the daily login rewards will be replaced with sweet crafting shards!


New optimized artifact upgrade formula will be implemented for V.2.6, which allows for seamless multi-upgrade options (including buy-max).

Further Game Balancing

  • Base pet damage increased.
  • Base clan ship damage reduced. The clan ship was a bit too strong early-game, and then vastly underpowered late-game. Our goal with balancing clan ship is to make it scale stronger later in the game, without being the only thing that mattered early-game. So with this rebalancing, the hero damage bonuses from artifacts and pets will scale much stronger.

Skills Balancing

  • Cooldown reduction removed from Eternal Darkness and replaced with Shadow Clone Splash Skip.
  • Pet auto-attack now unlocks at total pet level 200, down from 500.
  • Lightning Burst: max splash count increased from 45 to 50.
  • Angelic Radiance: max splash skip increased from 30 to 40.


  • Additional stage requirements added for clans
  • 3-day clan auto-kick duration added; 180-day duration removed

Further fixes:

  • Early game pop-up merchandise panel removed; You can still access the link to our merchandise via the options panel.
  • The bank panel within the options panel has been removed.
  • Shop bundles will now have info panels that list all of the bundles’ contents
  • Many images were optimized to reduce the overall download size
  • Performance improvements! We have reduced the maximum amount of draw-calls being made by upwards of 40%. Additionally, many images were optimized to reduce the overall download size


What’s to come…

We know that there has been excitement with the news of an updated salvaged artifacts panel, however we have decided to push this update to V.2.7, to focus on artifact upgrade fixes and performance optimizations in V.2.6. So in addition to the new salvaged artifacts panel to come, you can also look forward finding all-new artifacts and mythic sets in V.2.7!

In the meantime, we hope you embrace our loveliest update to date with open arms! The update is scheduled to go live at the end of next week, with fingers crossed that it could be out earlier. So get your tapping fingers geared up next week. From the launch of V.2.6, to February 13, there will also be a special 75% off skill tree resets!

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