What's in Update 1.9.0

Read below for the details of update 1.9.0!



  • Midas Ultimate now multiplies Hand of Midas gold and allows Hand of Midas to multiply Fairy gold as well! The initial damage that Midas Ultimate gave was removed.
  • Lightning Strike damage significantly increased and now increases damage dealt per skill level instead of increasing the chance to trigger a lightning strike.
  • Shadow Clone skill tree upgrade increases Shadow Clone duration per level and decreases the active skill cooldown time by 1s per level. In additional, snapshotted Shadow Clone damage can now increase after activation (previously the damage was fixed for the duration of Shadow Clone).
  • Flame Touch now directly multiplies Firesword skill damage. The fire golem in addition multiplies your initial attack damage instead of dealing a secondary weaker attack.

Bug Fixes:

  • Active skill costs were fixed, as they were offset to be one cost level lower than what they should have been.
  • Tournament crashes fixed.
  • Number display fixed on older iOS devices.
  • Clan message history crash fixed causing clan messages to not always appear after being posted.
  • Fairy video ads bug fixed (video ads stopped showing after a while).
  • Leave/Fight boss button now correctly saves it's state when entering a clan battle or closing the game.


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