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Tap Titans 2 Devlog #21: Roadmap for v2.8 [...]

Tap Titans 2 Devlog #21 Roadmap for v2.8 and beyond      

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ TT2 Devlog #20: Summoned V.2.7 [...]

NRG sending…. NRG received! The long-awaited notes for update V.2.7.0 are here! This massive update contains several new expansions and features for you to explore and play through. From brand new artifa [...]

TT2 DevLog #19: What's to come in March ⚔

As the short month of love comes to a close, we’re gearing up to switch into spirit of spring! Right now we’re working on the next update (V.2.7) to be released in approximately a month’s time, ~mid-to-la [...]

Warped: Tap Titans 2 V.2.6.0 Patch Notes

Warp complete! It’s coming! Next week! It’s almost here -- the lovely V.2.6.0 Valentine’s update with sweet new features will be ready for you to play. Can you make it to stage 16K?

Tap Titans 2 - V.2.5.6 - Update Log #17

Happy 2018, heroes! A new year and holiday break only calls for a much-anticipated update -- so here's how you can kick off the new year with us.

༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ Summoned Update Log #16 - v.2. [...]

Energy received. The notes have been summoned! We know there’s been a lot of anticipation for these patch notes and we get it, because v.2.5.0 will be introducing an exciting revisal of equipment, and the [...]

TT2 DEVLOG #15: Winter Holiday Update V.2 [...]

Tap Titans 2 update v.2.4.0 might just be the most festive one yet! From celebrating the winter holiday season to the First Year Anniversary -- there's going to be lots to keep you busy all holiday long! [...]


Happy Cyber Week! To celebrate Thanksgiving and Black Friday, we're having a limited time promotion to show you, our Tap Titans 2 heroes, how thankful we are!