DevUpdate #76: Responding to Community Feedback - Blog picture

DevUpdate #76: Responding to Community Feedback

DevUpdate #76: Responding to Community Feedback - Blog picture

Hey everyone, lemmingllama here. We published a DevUpdate last week that included a change to clan raids that would remove the required clear time of six attack cycles to successfully clear a pushing raid and be able to progress to a higher raid. We’ve received a lot of feedback from players concerned that this would negatively affect the spirit of raiding, and we wanted to address this with this early DevUpdate. Part of the reason for this change is to prepare for some upcoming features that we will be including in the update after 5.20, and we wanted to give a sneak peek into what’s coming to help further explain why we are removing the six-cycle clear time for raids. Let’s get into it!

In the next update, we will be rescaling raid content to allow players to progress more smoothly into higher tiers. In 5.19.0 we are removing the required clear times, which gives clans more opportunity to progress. We will also be lowering the total number of raids in tier 3 and tier 4 and rescaling the HP of those raids. This will allow players to reach higher tiers much more easily than before and unlock more of the raid mechanics. Clan's placements in clan raids will be rescaled alongside the lowering of the total number of raids for tier 3 and tier 4, so the higher your clan has reached prior to the update, the higher your raid will be after the migration.

Now, for players who are already at these higher tiers, we’ll also be adding a new Master Tier that will be an endgame raid tier added after tier 4. Master Tier will be a special seasonal tier that will run for months and will reset at the end of the season. Clans will be able to track their progress throughout the season on the Master Tier leaderboard, and the final placements at the end of the season on the leaderboard will reward players for their progression.

Master Tier will reset each season, and the Master Tier leaderboards will clearly show which clans are smoothly progressing and using their raid keys optimally in Master Tier. After a seasonal reset, all clans in Master Tier will begin at the start of Master Tier, and thus your clan’s ability to reach higher Master Tier raids will be a clear indicator of your clan’s overall power and will help your clan rank among the top spots. Master Tier will have its own unique set of Fast Completion bonuses when clearing a raid in under a certain number of attack cycles, allowing clans to quickly progress to raids of a suitable difficulty for them after the season resets.

Progression throughout Master Tier will determine the final seasonal rewards. Part of the reasoning for the removal of the raid clear times is that we want to give more strategic options on clearing raids to allow clans to compete within the Master Tier and work to get a strong final placement in the season. As for clans that are not able to immediately reach Master Tier, we want to give them more options to progress and enter Master Tier to begin competing.

We’ll be posting more details about Master Tier after the 5.19.0 update has been released and we get back to our regular DevUpdate schedule. We really just wanted to show this early sneak peek to help give greater context around the changes we are making. We’re very happy to have such a passionate player base that gives us feedback about upcoming changes, and any suggestions around Master Tier would be much appreciated as well.

We hope that everyone uses the new pushing power opportunities being added with the removal of the raid clear times so more clans will be able to compete in the first Master Tier season and benefit from the seasonal rewards.

Happy Tapping!